|Aries| Sicilian French-Canadian lady. I live in Hawaii & write fanfiction about boys loving boys. -- My current joint project is: Punch Drunk Love.

You can hit me and my bro up @ Leather & Stripes or follow us @ Leather & Stripes.

My partner's in all things neerdowell, are Corinne; The Castiel to my Dean, the Mello to my Matt, the fish fingers to my custard, the Misha to my Jensen.

And Aysha; The Sam to my Dean, the Near to my Matt, the Sexy to my Doctor, the Jared to my Jensen.

We are the triforce of awesome known as Haus of Concernicus. I also like zesty pickles. Enoy that fact.

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Supernatural . Doctor Who . Sherlock . Adventure time . The Avengers . Death Note . Destiel . Cockles.

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